Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Snowman Ornaments

Easy DIY is my favorite! Anything fun and creative that turns out to be easy is always a plus. These cute snowman ornaments are just that. All you need are glass bulbs, puffy paint (I used black, red, and orange), and stuffing!

First we use puffy paint to paint the snowmen faces on the ornaments. The squeeze bottles that the puffy paint comes in makes it super easy to draw the snowmen's faces. Place the ornaments back in the containers they come in, paint side up.

Let dry for at least an hour-I recommend longer. Then flip ornaments over with red puffy paint paint on year. In the past I have painted on initials to use as gifts. Get creative! Let dry similar to the last step.

Once dried, pop off the top of the ornament and add a little stuffing in the top. Add in little chunks and move around with a poker or pencil until you are satisfied with the look. Replace the top and enjoy! You could add a pretty ribbon for hanging to jive it up as well!

Holiday Gifts for the Masses

With the Holidays just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about those co-worker or neighbor gifts that sneak up on all of us. This year I tried something new and had a lot of fun with it. I decided to gather a few popular items I know my coworkers love and I compiled them in a brown paper bag. You can easily personalize each bag and its contents and have a little fun! Dress up the paper bags with string (what else?), and a fun, festive, sticker playing on the popular Sound of Music song.

First fill your paper bags with goodies. These were filled with cookies, bite sized candy, lip gloss, bath and body works lotion, etc. (Hint: when using food such as cookies, make sure they are wrapped individual as well).

Next fold over the top of the bag neatly and punch two holes next to each other (about an inch apart).

Then thread your favorite string through and tie a neat bow.

Add the sticker and pass your gifts along! Enjoy!